Free Work

Work in progress, more coming soon.

I feel each subject has a little story. I’m working to make this collection bigger in the future. These photos can be ordered in various print sizes. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a print.

Free Work

Please contact me if you are interested in a print.

Image Stories - Fire Truck

This classic international fire truck was once the pride of the Bonaire fire brigade. Outdated and replaced, it has been ingloriously discarded next to a road in Rincon where the harsh elements of the Bonaire climate slowly deteriorate its former shine. This picture was made with a technique called ‘light painting’ en exists out of 12 exposed images all combined into one.

Image stories - Snackie

One of most common sightings on Bonaire are snack bars. A snack bar is the place to get food, a cold drink and socialize. You will find them on every street and corner, they are a typical sight on Bonaire.

Image Stories – Ismael

Ismael is one of the oldest traditional fisherman. He is perhaps the only fisherman left on Bonaire who still fishes with a sailboat. Despite being of high age Ismael continues to work on his old boat which he named after his son Ethiene and hopes to sail once again.

Image Story – Brandaris

Before the drone age I did aerial photography from a Cessna 172 sports plane. After finishing 3 real estate objects the pilot and I flew north for some sigh seeing. When we past mount Brandaris the lighting was beautiful en the scene looked like a place somewhere in Africa.

Image Story – Willy the Donky

Riding our bicycles frequently from Kralendijk to Sorobon my wife and I kept encountering this donkey next to road. He is always on the same spot and not afraid of people. We started bringing oranges and give him a name.

Image Story – Flamingo Sunset

The road to Lac Bay leads you past the Mangroves. During the rainy season flamingo gather there to eat and breed. Courtship behavior can be seen as the males dance to impress the females.

Image Story – Frogfish

Because they are so ugly they are beautiful. Most Frogfishes of very difficult to spot and hiding in the corral but not this one. Sitting right on top and extending his lure hoping to catch prey I was able to get close enough to take his picture.

Image Story – Goto Lake

In the Goto Lake there is a little peninsula fenced off by its owner. If you look closely you’ll discover the whole fence is painstakingly crafted out of driftwood. In my view it makes this fence the largest driftwood art on the island.

Image Story – Kibrahacha Tree

Beside the fact that Kibrahacha trees are scarcely spread on Bonaire, there is something else unique about these trees. These trees blossom only once a year and only do so for 2 days.

Image Story – Hummingbird nest

A friend of mine brought it to my attention that she discovered a Hummingbird nest. After carefully setting up my camera and lighting I waited for more than 2 hours for mom to get comfortable with the youngsters. Unfortunately I forgot to bring sunblock.

Image Story – Drone Landscape

The northern part of Bonaire is hilly and has large rock formations which over the centuries have fallen apart. Trees and cacti grow on top and in between.

Work in progress, more coming soon.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a print.